Choosing the food to feed your child could be one of the worst dilemmas you could ever face. It might be something that they need for their body but they won’t eat or like the taste at all.

There is a lot of healthy food that is actually quite appealing when it comes to the way it looks and smells. A lot of the process of trying to get your child to eat healthier food will be trying to find healthy food that he or she likes.

The following are some examples of different types of healthy food that you can feed your child:


Eggs are packed with protein which is very important to have in your child’s diet. They also contain vitamin D. One of the best things about eggs is that most people like them, especially children. This will make it much easier to get your child to eat something healthy. Try making cool designs or funny faces with the eggs as this will also help to get your child to eat them.


Oatmeal contains high amounts of fiber-rich whole grains that are digested slowly which will give your child a steady stream of energy to get them through their day.


Having your child eat fruit is always a good idea. No matter what type of fruit it is, it is guaranteed to be full of vitamins and minerals. As well, your child will consume fiber while eating fruit and this is very important for their digestive system. Try to have your children eat a variety of different fruits as this will have more of a nutritional effect.


You can get protein from nuts as well as other essential vitamins. Also, nuts offer a healthy source of fat and this is extremely important in a child’s diet because they will need it to allow proper growth. As well, the fat provided from the nuts will give your child the energy they need to remain productive throughout the day.


Milk is always important to incorporate into a diet, this is especially true when it comes to children. Milk is full of protein and calcium and these are very important factors of your child’s health and growth. The good thing about milk is the fact that it should not be difficult for you to get your child to consume it. There are many different ways that your child can consume milk besides just drinking it. Be creative with it so your child won't have a problem drinking milk.


Tomatoes Lycopene is believed to fight off certain types of cancer. Cooking the tomatoes is even better because the heat will cause the tomatoes to release even more lycopene which will make them even healthier for your child to eat.

Giving the healthiest food to your child is what you prefer the most and having a list of possible food to give them will really help you in fulfilling that. You just need to find ways on how to convince your child to take them but once you did, it will surely benefit them.

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