Are you fond of watching lead actors survive a post-apocalyptic or catastrophically destructive disaster movie? What’s your favorite? 

Both “Bird Box” and “A Quiet Place” trended online. People even created memes for each scene they found interesting. Have you watched both already? 

With “A Quiet Place” where every sound could spell death and Netflix’s “Bird Box” having a sense of sight could make you suicidal, this leads us to think, will there be a next movie where smelling and sniffing could trigger your demise? 🙂 

Kidding aside, with hundreds of movies alike created, what is the common factor? 



You would see the main plot is how the lead actors will survive the aftermath.

And this scenario is not far off when a disaster strikes in real life.

The movies could be considered fiction, but how they tried to survive is a real thing.

Improvise, scavenge and everyone is going back to basics like how our ancestors worked to survive!

But in real life, when such a disaster happens, will there be someone who will lead us on how to survive just as our ancestors did? Just like the actors in every survival movie?

Of course not!

Our government officials and private sector agencies may help each of us to prepare but once disasters occur, we may be on our own for a few days or weeks!


Because chances are, everyone including the rescuers is also busy surviving!

With the possibility of electricity gone, and no signal coverage because cell sites are down, how are you going to survive?

With no food to eat and no more peace and order, people can go crazy and can break into your home to find something for themselves.

Crazy isn’t it? But it’s a possibility that we shouldn’t think is fictional.

It is always up to us to be prepared just in case there is a shortage of food, war, epidemic, crisis, global warming, and the like arise.

We found this survival book that will help us travel back to a time when our ancestors’ daily living could be considered survival skills for us nowadays. This is what the lead actors typically did in movies to survive. Those people who actually experienced the so-called basic life from the past – our ancestors created the difference, every tip, and technique in this book.

Unearth the lost ways and use this for your preparation once the inevitable happens. You’ll never know when that will take place, whether it’s in your time or your kid’s time. But what’s important is you have that knowledge rather than be rattled or left crying while waiting for help.

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