When you see someone who can paint, dance or sing, do you ever wonder what your life would be having those talents? Does it ever make you wonder what talents you have? Well, we hope it does because if not, you’re in the wrong article.

People can easily determine what others have that they don’t but finds it difficult to see what they have that others don’t. Let us remember that talents are special gifts of God to everyone. Most people are born with it while others develop it as they grow, but surely everyone has it.



Steps in Finding Yours


If other people can be recognized for a special set of skills they have, you can, too. Everyone has a gem within. You just need to realize what it is.

However, if you don’t know how to discover that hidden talent within, here are the guides you can take.


Study your family tree.


Most of our physical and mental attributes are embedded in our DNA, so some talents are actually hereditary. Since most of our traits are from our parents, there’s no better way than to examine your family history.


Find out what your father, mother, brother, and sister can do. Are they singers, dancers, or actors? Typically, a child inherits not only the appearance of his father or mother but he can also inherit the talent that either his parent has. Remember that talents have a tendency to run in a family, and knowing your inherited talent can spark a brand new path to your life.


Recall the younger you.


Childhood is a time when we are all exposed to various activities. This is the stage in life where we were just trying to figure out who we are and who will be. We usually do things without much restraint during this time so there’s no better way of knowing what we can do best than looking back into our own memories.


Try to remember the things you like doing most when you were just a kid. If you have put them out of your way for such a long period of time, today could be the right time for you to bring back to life that childhood talent.


Know what currently interests you.


Time can change a person not only physically but also internally. How we make a decision and how we dream are usually shaped by our accumulated wisdom and experience. So what we like doing before might not be something we want to do today.


If this is the case, the best way to discover our talent is through evaluating what drives us now. It could be something we are already good at, something we tried learning how to do once, or something we never did but always wanted to.


Analyze all the possibilities.


While brainstorming, it’s always good to have a pen and paper with us. Write all possible talents you might have and eliminate or add details that you consider appropriate. Then reread them as much as possible to see whether your heart is really into it.


This should take some time though. Remember that when we write in impulse, we put our heart out. However, our minds are wired to evaluate and rationalize these impulse decisions after some thinking. So try to go through them again after a couple of hours or a couple of days.


Discovering your talent can build higher self-esteem. It will take you to where you can be and will let you value yourself more. It is also a way of knowing, loving and appreciating yourself. Therefore, as soon as you have found your talent, you should pursue that with dedication and determination. Be willing to show what you’ve got to the entire world. Prepare to embrace that talent with all your heart.


To discover more about your talents, look at Marcus Buckingham & Dr. Donald O. Clifton’s book, “Now, Discover Your Strengths.” It’s available in hardcover, paperback, audio CD, and unknown binding.

Don’t wait for your talent to knock on your door. Don’t wait for it to die inside you either. Let it out and let it shine. In case you don’t know what that shimmering treasure is yet, take time to think and uncover your hidden talent because only you undoubtedly can.

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