Your lover may leave you, but a good friend won’t. If you agree, then you definitely have a good friend. However, if you’re not certain at this point, let’s discover together what a good friend is and why we trust them.


Why we need good friends?



Life is a difficult journey to take so it’s a good thing we have someone who always has our back. From the steep hikes of challenges to the downhill road of failed attempts, it’s reassuring that we have good friends to share our laments and happiness with. But do we really have good ones?


If you are contemplating whether you have a friend, here are the traits every good friend possess.


What a Good Friend is Like?


A good friend communicates.  A good friend will always get in touch with you regularly. Whether to confide, to help, or just to keep you updated. A good friend is always excited to tell you about what’s hot and what’s not in their lives. Why? Because a good friend trusts you and is confident about you.


If you want to be a good friend to someone, it is ideal that you contact that person from time to time. This is the best way of telling your friends that you want them to be a part of their lives. Show them they matter and that you are planning your life with them in it in the best way possible. You must communicate with your friends fairly regularly.

A good friend trusts.  Trust is a very important element of friendship. However, not everyone has the ability to trust others. They may have had an awful experience which made them this way, but a good friend is a person who can trust others. Even if it’s just one person or a few more, it is ideal that your friend has this ability.


A person who can’t trust others has the tendency to overthink and think with malice. Usually, a friend like this easily gets jealous over petty things, which could lead to irrational fights. So if you have a friend who knows how to trust people, even if it’s only a few or if it’s only you, be thankful. That person will not think badly about you.



A good friend can be trusted.  Trust is always a two-way thing. People can trust you and you can trust them. This is an outstanding trait that keeps relationships going for a long time. If you are choosing a friend to keep, choose someone you can trust enough for you to tell them or show them your worst.


Consider your friendship as your reflection in the mirror. You look at it to see what’s wrong with you, to see how you can fix it, and to be who you want to be. But in order to be a better person, you must first show the real you. If you can’t trust that mirror, it’s not a good friend to keep.


A good friend stays at your worst.  This is probably the best trait a good friend has and probably the topmost measure of friendship. Even when there’s not much communication between the two of you during your best days, if your friend is there during days where you are lonely, sad, problematic or in despair, keep this person.


People trust those who care for them. This is the very foundation why friendships exist. If you want your friends to keep you, don’t be afraid to be involved in their lives. Be there especially when they have no one to hold on to. Believe in them so that they’ll do the same to you.



A good friend does not promote convoluted situations.  If you care for someone, you won’t want them to be hurt because you feel down when they are. You will willingly get involved because you can feel the pain your friend is going through. You won’t want this person to be involved in bad situations. You also don’t want to worsen any situation your friend gets into.


A good friend calms you, not hurt the person who hurts you. So if you want to be a good friend to someone, making the situation worse by quarreling with his enemy will never be a good idea. Don’t add coal to the fire because a  good friend guides you to become a better person not otherwise.


It is important that you don’t just know the qualities of a good friend, you must also know how to act and be like one. That no matter the disagreement on certain views in life, you will still be there to support and guide them. After all, if you want to be a good friend, you must be one.


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